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Thread: Can we or any adult take ofloxacin ornidazole tablet for severe loose motions ???

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    Can we or any adult take ofloxacin ornidazole tablet for severe loose motions ???

    Can we take ofloxacin ornidazole tablet for severe loose motions or gastrointestinal infection??? There is a tablet with brand name called "O2" with same salt.... Does anybody recommend it instead of havin the traditional entero quinol etc?

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    Yes, You can take O2 tablets (2-3 for an adult) for loose motions or infection in stomach, Ive been taking it for so many years.......... Though my friend recommended it for bad reasons like he said I u have to go to a party in the evening and ur stomach is upset .... then he would call me and suggest me to take a tablet of "O2" (In which Ofloxacin 200 and Ornidazole 500) mg ..... but it really worked for me and also as I drink every alternate day , so if I eat eat badly some day with whisky then next day having a dose with a cup of tea (or coffee) with rusk or glucose biscuits would gimme the utmost rest (to my liver and whole body)......
    Though, it doesnt apply to everyone but I usually have if my stomach is upset before a big party.... I always worked for me.... but if after 2 dose a day doesnt solve it... then u shuld contact ur Doctor for sure.........
    "O2" is usually meant to eradicate bacterial infection of stomach/intestinal infection ..............

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    I suggest that you'll ask for your doctor's opinion.
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    Yes usually we can take ofloxacin ornidazole tablet or O2 tablets fro tackle loose motions but always we need to concern with a doctor before taking this or any medicine.

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    Glad to see my post here which I posted 2 yr back.... Regardin this thread I felt like I shld share my case ... I must say i am now used to taking O2 medicine every 3-4 days because I drink/booze every alternate day with non veg salad or chicken and hv nonveg meal at dinner after that and stomach upset has become my problem every 3-4 days, so i whnever i feel like stomach upset before goin to any party i take O2 2-3hrs before as a precautionary measure....
    But after taking it I also hv to tackle acidity problem which may occur sometimes for i usualy take lansoprazole 30 mg capsule before having drink....

    (Would strongly suggest u should consult ur doc before adopting my practice)

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