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Thread: Running is perfect

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    Running is perfect

    Running is perfect exercise for keep fit to body and fitness. It reduce fast to fat and stomach and improve well strength of body bones. It create well energy in cells and make tight to muscles. It is the best body refresher too which create effective refreshment for human body.

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    Running keeps you fit and makes you strong and physically fit.It create energy in cells.Running is helpful in losing your fat and better blood circulation in your body and create effective refreshment for human body.

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    running exercise keep us away from bad diseases.

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    After all, running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories.
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    Running keeps you physically fit and make you strong it increases your stamina.

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    The main thing is that you don't have to pay for any equipment for running just like you do in the gym. However, if you are much concerned about your health you should head towards an expert like personal trainer in ahmedabad who has trained many members for competitions like bodybuilding.
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    Last month i burn my a large calories by running. it's amazing people who really want to burn extra calories just do it.
    I love home workout.

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    I'm kind of confused by the posts in this thread. Running is definitely not the 'best' option when it comes to exercising. Not saying it's bad, just not the 'best'.

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