Lose Fat

Looking great on the outside is certainly important and an admirable pursuit.
Achieving and maintaining a low body fat level is also a benefit to yourcardio vascular health, which is important so you’re around long enough to enjoy that body!
Most people who are interested in looking great also want to get healthy on the inside too. They want to be able to handle simple daily physical tasks with ease that many take for granted. Things like climbing a flight of stairs at home or at work, or playing with the kids, or engaging in recreational sports with friends.

They want total fitness, and I’ve got good news for them.

Total Fitness can be characterized as:

• Fat to Muscle Ratio: The amount of lean muscle you carry compared to the amount of body fat you carry. It should be obvious you want to carry less fat and a higher percentage of lean muscle!

• Muscle Strength & Flexibility: The relative strength and flexibility of all of your body’s musculature, making your movements easier and less stressful. This also includes the strength of your bones, tendons and ligaments surrounding the muscles.

• Cardiovascular Endurance: This is the condition of your heart and related transport systems. Good cardiovascular condition increases your ability to pump blood to and from working muscles, making you more efficient at performing physically demanding activities like climbing a long flight of stairs or participating in a pickup basketball game. When you achieve total health and fitness, it really will impact your life in every form and fashion. When achieving the type of body you are proud of, you are also building your mental strength and fortitude. You will notice it impacting other areas of your life.

You’ll have more energy and find it easier to focus and concentrate in your work or education. You won’t get a cold or flu nearly as often as before, if at all. You’ll be able to get through daily tasks and household chores more rapidly. You’ll enjoy a higher self-esteem and self-image, which leads to a more confident and successful individual.

You’ll become a stronger willed person, mentally and physically, as you’ll be battle tested by your workouts. You’ll be happier. You’ll forge long lasting relationships with others that share your ideals of a healthy body and mind. And lastly, you’ll enjoy all of these mental and physical benefits for the rest of your long healthy life. Again, all in just minutes per week. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?