Health and beauty fix for last minute whether you want sexual health advice, a cosmetic procedure, or simple beauty dos, ensure you’re not leaving these must-dos for the nth hour. Here’s a checklist to follow for the month before your wedding day to look and feel like the mythical million bucks!

You’re feeling like a squeezed lemon and are convinced you’ll never actually make it to the date in question, what with the florist, and jeweller visits, and sis-in-law to be calling every few hours asking about colours and shoes and bags and more. Spa visits and me-time seems like a laughable dream and chances are, whatever we suggest, you’re not going to be able to factor those in in a big way. You can, however, make minor tweaks to include these lifestyle changes and feel as good as gold!


  1. No matter what, make sure you get seven or eight hours a night for the month leading up to your wedding. Not just your body, your mind needs it!
  2. Water—the eight glasses you’ve been hearing about forever. Never more critical than now as exhaustion can cause dehydration, and skin also suffers if you’re not hydrating it enough from within. Carry a bottle everywhere, whether you’re home, out inviting guests, or shopping.
  3. Ditch the dangerous stuff from your diet. Skip sugary foods, and everything fried—even though the temptation to dig into comfort food will rise with every wedding-related crisis. Tempted to binge dessert? Stick to a sorbet or fruity custard; keep your meals as light and nutritious as possible!
  4. Take a walk. 20 minutes a day. It’ll give you much-needed alone time, and introduce at least a little physical activity into your routine.
  5. Take a multi-vitamin pill every day. Add Vitamin C if you feel run down or like you’re going to catch cold; don’t ignore any feeling of being unwell because it can take a long time to recover if you’re already exhausted.
  6. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, every morning and night. Buy into a good skincare range, and follow these basics religiously.
  7. Get a full body massage—including a head massage on a weekly basis. Get a facial fortnightly. And make sure your last facial is at least a week before the wedding, not closer.

Apart from your regular facial, waxing and bleaching, chances are you’re picking a ‘bridal package’ offered by most salons. What you may not realise, however is that many of these services may not even be necessary for you. Consulting a dermatologist before you sign up for any packages that include specialised skincare treatments is suggested that.