Your breasts start growing when you begin puberty. Puberty is the name for the time when your body goes through changes and you begin to go from being a child to an adult. During puberty the hormone levels in your body change and this causes your breasts to develop and your menstrual periods to start. It takes three to five years from the time your breasts start growing until they reach their full size.

Heredity is the most important factor in determining breast shape and size. An important thing to note down is “No creams, exercises, or clothing will change your breast size.”

It’s strange how bust sizes are getting bigger, thats too at a younger age although it’s difficult to tell which breasts are natural and which are false.
It must be down to all this processed food and sugary sweets that young people eat today. Many parents who look at their daughter’s breasts and wonder where they have come from.

“Young girls wore vests, not bras, when we were growing up and I didn’t buy a bra until I was 15. We definitely noticed that young girls today are lucky enough to have the sort of ample bosom that the old generation could only have dreamed of.”

Most experts blame this on an overall weight. If women of the ’50s displayed 27.5in (70 cm) waist, the modern average is 34in (85 cm). Some experts says, “The larger we become overall, then the larger women’s breasts will become. Breasts are increasing because women today have a higher proportion of fat in their breasts than they used to,”

The structure of the breast is divided into the functional glandular element comprising the milk ducts and support tissues and fat. Functional part of the breast changes size at certain points during a woman’s life. It will get bigger when she’s pregnant and/or breast feeding – this is why women’s breasts generally get bigger at this time, and smaller when they’re going through the menopause. It’s obviously because the body no longer needs the breast for milk. Otherwise this functional part of the breast doesn’t change. So we can say that the increased breast size is due to the increase in fat that women carry.