Do Meditation To De-Stress

Dynamic Meditation

This type of meditation was popularised by Osho. The technique differs from most others as it doesn’t lay stress on concentration.

Martin Gordon, a follower of Osho’s techniques, says you can also dance as part of dynamic meditation. “It is based on the principle of elevating energy from the sex centre, which is the primitive level, to the mind centre, which is at the highest level,” he explains.

Dynamic meditation involves a lot of energetic activities such as jumping and dancing. The underlying principle is that one needs to de-stress the mind simply by having fun and by feeling happy.


This meditation technique is one of India’s oldest and was propounded by Gautama Buddha.

Vipassana stresses on breathing techniques as a way of creating and raising self-awareness. When doing Vipassana, you need to maintain complete silence and concentrate on your breathing. This eventually helps your mind concentrate as well as relax.

Transcendental Meditation

This form of meditation by Mahesh Yogi was made popular by the Beatles when they visited his ashram in India.

Transcendental meditation, or TM as it is popularly known, involves concentrating on a single word or phrase and repeating it in your mind. This allows your mind to focus on that thought alone and eventually keeps other thoughts away. The principle comes from the idea of transcending all conventional barriers of the mind to de-stress.

Transcendental meditation has several incremental stages and can be practised by anyone. However, for better results, one needs to devote at least 30 minutes every day.

Whatever technique you choose to follow, it is essential that you practise it regularly.

Meditation can be an effective way of preventing several neurological disorders and ensuring a happy you!