Tips For Great Skin

Sophie Dahl

The following are the anonymous tips that every model usually stick to because of contractual agreements.

“I boil some whole milk, and then let it cool down. I lift off the film that forms on the surface, and apply it to my skin. After it dries, I scrub it off and exfoliate my skin.”

“I drink a ton of spring water. I don’t smoke, and I rarely drink. When I do drink wine, I always choose a spritzer. Before a shoot, I avoid fatty foods and chocolate.”

“I wash my face with 2 teaspoons of sea salt, 1 tablespoon sesame oil, and 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice.”

“I add a tablespoon of honey to my bath. It invigorates my skin and leaves it feeling like silk.”

“I mash up a melon and leave it on my face for about 15 minutes. The melon is rich in beta carotene to combat cell damage.”

How Do They Stay In Shape

Sophie Dahl grows her own herbs and adds them to every dish to make low-calorie dishes more enjoyable.

Molly Sims swims and practices yoga daily.
Eva Herzigova starts every day with fruit and drinks different teas throughout the day.

Alek Wek’s skin is very dark and ashy, so she rubs baby oil all over her legs and arms at every photo shoot to give it glisten and shine.

Gisele Bundchen uses a dark concealer on the tip of her nose to make it appear shorter.

Naomi Campbell brushes her teeth, and then makes sure to also thoroughly brush her lip area to keep it smooth and slightly plumped.

Naomi Campbell

Years of taking pictures have yielded a list of dos and don’ts. Whether it’s for a business picture, yearbook, or that special family event, make your next picture session an absolute success!

What to Wear

Choose solid colours and avoid patterns, which grab too much attention away from the face.

Wear black and white with heavier emphasis on black for blondes and white for brunettes.

Avoid jewellery that would distract from the face or that would possibly date the photo.

Avoid clothing that would indicate a season or trend.

Stay with classic clothing.


Don’t use moisturizer under your foundation. It can look extremely “greasy” in a photo.

Use lots of powder, but make certain its matte, not translucent.

If you’ll be snapped by flash photography, go heavier on makeup. Flash photography bleaches out cosmetics.

Line lips, then dip a Q-tip in powder, and run along the line. This will create a mouth that “pops” out. Never wear frosts or odd colours.

Avoid over styling or “big” hair. It looks overdone.

Models prefer running to any other exercise. They choose it not only for their figures, but for healthy complexions.

Most models agree that on-the-job training is the only way to learn. Many of the most successful models never attended “modelling schools.”

Designers each have their own rules for walking the runway. Too much posing is out.