De-Stress before sleep
De-Stress before sleep

No excercise, no sweaty workouts. Here’s a little exercise which is nothing but the law of attraction steps that you can do every night before you go to bed that I guarantee will dramatically reduce your stress and improve your mindset, attitude, and your fat loss results:

  • As you lie in bed ready to sleep, close your eyes and focus on the good things and emotions you experience that day. Relive them in your mind…and then open yourself up and let them go out of you…picture them releasing out of your mind and body.

  • Next, focus on the bad things or negative emotions you experienced that day…relive them in your mind…accept them, and then open yourself up and let them go out of you again…out of your mind and body.
  • Lastly, focus on what you have planned tomorrow. Your larger goals, your smaller ones too. Picture them in your mind as if they’ve already happened, as if you no longer desire them because they’re already yours. Then, release this feeling of wanting them and imagine it flowing out of your mind and out of your body.

That’s it. Isn’t it simple???

This should take only 2 minutes or less, and you might not even get through it some nights as it is also a great way to put yourself to sleep.

It seems simple, but these concepts and techniques are on the short list of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. It can take a little practice if you’ve already got a bit of mental resistance to these ideas and also depending on how much doubt those around you are creating, and how much self imposed doubt you are retaining.

Maximize your ability to get the body you want by putting the law of attraction and power of releasing your stress to work for you.

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